Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ive been here for over 3 weeks now. It feels so great to be fully settled. Ive secured a job as a bartender at Bistro C, a great restaurant situated right on the beach overlooking first point of Noosa main beach. Ive got a nice little apartment walking distance from both work (the beach) and the river where there are free electric bbqs at which, you can grill some meat, do some fishing, and drink some beers. My friends out here have made sure that both Seton and I are hooked up while were here as well. Dennis and our crazy American buddy Tom have hooked us up with 2 bikes and two great longboards to play with while were here.

Im so glad that people are deciding to visit us in paradise while were here. Although Ive only lived in my apartment for one week we have had our buddy Rich from MB, Diane the wakeboarder and her girl friends, along with some friends of Setons childhood buddy stay with us. Tomorrow one of my best friends is coming to stay with us for a month. Right now Jesse Carmody is on a plane making his way here as we speak, my good buddy John Double has booked his flight to comem out in June and, Ive just got off Skype talking to my buddy Andrew Harner who wants to come out during the California summertime as well.

This was the best move I couldve done at this point in my life. The economic times have created a terrible job market for people like me, young and fresh out of college. So now I will wander the world, gain some life experience and enjoy what opportunities come my way. Ive just found out about an English school in Noosa where I will try to volunteer or work at so that I may be able to improve my resume for teaching in Japan or Hong Kong as my next move. Loving it here but always planning my next step. Even so, whenever I leave this place it willbe too soon. Here in Noosa has been the first time in months that I have been settled into a place. Until next time...

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Ryan said...

yooouuu are the fucking man!