Friday, April 24, 2009

Its been awhile

I know its been a long time since my last post but such is life. Much has happened since my last post but where do I begin. The surf festival hosted competitors from around the world as the entire town turned into an event, as im coming to realize noosa often does. The streets and surf were packed which i had mixed feelings about but all in all I had a great time with new friends.

Life here continues to revolve around surf and work. A few weeks ago some friends with 4 wheel drive cars took joe, seton, and I to double island point which is an hour drive up the beach to an uncrowded peeling right. After surfing this great wave all day I came to know that it is one of the sharkiest breaks in the area and multiple attacks have happened in recent times. Glad that I had made it out with all my limbs and that I didnt know about the men in gray suits before I paddled out.

Now a days, after grabbing a couple of Hammoks while in the artsy district of Brisbane known as the west end, we pack our boards and hammoks and proceed to the national parklands on days off. We are now in the best weather of the year where it is always in the mid 70's and cloudless. The surf is still up as well, making these days of surf and hammok detail the ipitomy of why I chose to return to Noosa in the first place.

Our hostel is still thriving. Joe Hannah, a great friend from the San Diego days managed to come stay with Seton and I for a few weeks in April. Other then the occasional trip to Brisbane for a bit of debauchery, and some time at the zoo, life has remained extremely mellow. Since then JOe has returned to the states and in his place weve acquired German DJ Yahboy "the man of the house" Christian. We have also activated our couchsurfing account which allows people who are travelling to network and on occasion find free accomidation. About 10 minutes ago our new Italian friends Sabrina and Gaia left our place to head up the coast for a few days on Fraser Island.

New plans are in the making for the rest of our time here as well. When our lease and time at Bistro C are up in August, plans are to take month to roadtrip from Noosa all the way down to Melbourne stopping for good surf and friends weve met along the way. LA boys John Double and his friend Nate will be joining us for this adventure. After reaching Melbourne, plans are to fly to Perth to settle and work for a few more months to save for the next move.

Lifes an adventure right now and Im loving every minute of it.

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